Easter is over. And yet it’s really just beginning. That’s because Easter is not just an event that happened long ago, a once-a-year ‘churchy’ celebration noteworthy for its great crowds, beautiful music and hope-filled message, or an annual rite of spring. Easter is the ongoing reality of the resurrection that actually has changed life so that it is ultimately more than violence and injustice; being successful and accumulating money; failure and hopelessness; what ‘trending’ people tell you really matters; or death that seems to end everything. Yes, Easter is really just beginning – in your life as you care for kids, struggle in your marriage, try to make ends meet, deal with your mother’s terminal illness, face your own imperfections and have your heart broken by all the cruelty in the world. And here’s what just may be the greatest Easter miracle of all: you can experience this new reality as your new beginning every single day.