I’m ready to trust You a whole lot more than I trust me. Ready to believe Your grace truly is sufficient for everything and anything I’ll ever experience. Ready to live like I actually believe it.

I’m not doing this to prove anything to You, win Your favor or somehow make myself look good. It really is all about what You have placed in my spirit that simply will not let go.

So I long for Your unconditional love to be the foundation of my life. Your transformational love to take me where I am and transport me to where You want me to be. And your invitational love to welcome me into an eternal relationship with You that changes everything about everything starting right now.

But I know I can’t do this on my own. I really can’t. I need You. Not just a little. But a whole lot. Indeed, even more than I can ever imagine. So, Lord, I give myself to You so You will do with me what You will.

Because that’s enough.

It’s always enough.

Right now.

And forever more.