Lord Of All Life,

It’s so easy to pray for myself, the people I cherish and those situations that make a difference to me.

But I know You also call me to pray for others.

And so I do.

I pray for those I don’t know, and those I never will. For those who are like me, and those who are very different. For those who see the world the way I do, and those who will never see it the same. For those who seek my best, and those who want to harm me.

May these persons experience the grace You offer as the gift it truly is. Have the food, shelter, medical care, education and opportunities they need. Be healed of their wounds. Be transformed by Your love. Forgive and be forgiven. Find joy. And live in hope with every single breath they take.

And, Lord, as I pray for them, I also pray You will be at work in me so that those who are strangers will become friends, enemies become sisters and brothers, and those I don’t know become those I hold in my heart.

For, indeed, all things are possible in You.