Dealing with God

You experience the complexity of life every single day. But that’s nothing compared to the complexity of God who is infinite, mysterious and far beyond your ability to comprehend. So how do you deal with this kind of God? You could do a ‘dumb down’ so God makes complete sense to you, describe God using so much theological language you convince yourself that you have God figured out, or just give up and try to do life on your own. But there is a better way. Let God help you discover God. Because that’s exactly what God longs to do – by reaching out in a personal relationship, sharing the fullness of divine love and demonstrating exactly how God wants you to live. Of course you will never begin to fully understand God. But you will always experience exactly what you need to know.

A Sunday Prayer 02/28/16

Lord Of All Life,

It’s so easy to pray for myself, the people I cherish and those situations that make a difference to me.

But I know You also call me to pray for others.

And so I do.

I pray for those I don’t know, and those I never will. For those who are like me, and those who are very different. For those who see the world the way I do, and those who will never see it the same. For those who seek my best, and those who want to harm me.

May these persons experience the grace You offer as the gift it truly is. Have the food, shelter, medical care, education and opportunities they need. Be healed of their wounds. Be transformed by Your love. Forgive and be forgiven. Find joy. And live in hope with every single breath they take.

And, Lord, as I pray for them, I also pray You will be at work in me so that those who are strangers will become friends, enemies become sisters and brothers, and those I don’t know become those I hold in my heart.

For, indeed, all things are possible in You.


Get Excited

Are you ready? Really ready? Really really ready? Hopefully so, because it might happen today, tomorrow or even next week. And when it does – which it definitely will – it’s going to make a huge difference in your life. That’s because God has a knack for showing up at just the right time in exactly the right place to do precisely what God knows you need. It may be to help you experience how much God loves you, especially when you don’t think that’s possible. Offer forgiveness that enables you to understand you can have a brand new beginning. Push and prod you to stop, turn around and head in a new direction with your life. Or even ask you to do something you’ve never considered before on God’s behalf. So be on the lookout. But, even more importantly, get excited. Because God is about to do God’s thing!

God Wants All of You

There probably have been too times when you struggle because you wonder where God is, don’t understand why you’re going through what you’re going through and question God because of all the pain and hurt you see. But there are also plenty of times when you’re overwhelmed by God’s love, experience God’s presence when you need it most and are helped by God to be the best possible you even in the most challenging circumstances. Which means you have to decide how you’re going to deal with God. Are you going to choose to make God prove Godself to you? Or are you going to choose to trust God enough to give more and more of yourself to God? Here’s a hint as you make your decision. God wants all of you. God wants more of you. And God wants you just as you are.  

Serious Talk About God’s Will

You never have to do anything to be the recipient of God’s love. You usually have to be intentional about loving God in return. But you always have to make a deep commitment if you’re serious about doing God’s Will. That’s because actually doing God’s Will is not for the faint-hearted. And here’s why. You have to be absolutely honest with God – and that’s pretty scary. You might have to do things you’ve never done before – even when you’re not sure how. And you may very well have to pay a price – because some people don’t like change even when it is God’s change. So does doing God’s Will sound daunting? Of course. Can you still do it? You bet. Will you do it? Well, that’s up to you. And as you try to figure all of this out, it’s important to remember something. Doing God’s Will is exactly what God has created you to do.