Marching to the Heartbeat of God

Do you ever feel out of step with the world around you because you’re just not very comfortable with what others tell you matters most in life? Of course you do. And, frankly, it can be hard to find yourself in this position because you don’t want to be one of ‘those people’ who judges everyone else, has a ‘black and white’ view of life, or spends most of your time saying ‘thou shall’ and ‘thou shall not’. Yet being a person of faith sometimes does make you a bit off-beat for one basic reason. You put God ahead of everything else; including culture, celebrities and the latest trends. So, yeah, you’re sometimes going to find yourself marching to the beat of a different drummer. But that’s okay. In fact, it’s better than okay. Because the drumbeat you’re marching to is nothing less than the heartbeat of God.    

Trust God Enough

What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing right now? You may think it’s your marriage concerns, health issues, work challenges, family concerns, money struggles, or forgiving yourself for something you regret doing. But as critical as these are, not a one of them comes close to being your biggest challenge. That’s because your biggest challenge is to embrace God’s unconditional love. That’s right, it’s accepting a free gift. It should be easy. But for some reason, you struggle because you feel you have to prove yourself to God or earn God’s love or do something to get it. Well, you don’t have to do any of these things. Rather, you simply need to do one thing – trust God enough to trust what God is doing for you. So how do you do this? You just start doing it. Not when you think it’s the perfect time. But right now.  

A Sunday Prayer – 1/24/16


As I awaken this morning, my heart is so filled to overflowing I must share it with You.

I love You, but I long to love You even more. I sense I’ve grown in my relationship with You, but I want to go deeper. I sometimes share Your love with others, but I dream of doing it all the time.

Quite simply, I’m ready for more. So let Your love go to work in me. Get all my doubts, excuses and questions out of the way. Heal, revive and change me. Enable me to become more compassionate, generous and joyful. And make it my priority to help others experience what You so generously share with me.

But when all is said and done, there is just one thing I desire more than anything else. That is for my heart to reside in Your heart. Today, tomorrow and forever more.


Ironic, Isn’t It?

It’s easy to get fixated on what’s missing in your life – the right job, house, car or money in the bank. Soon, however, you become angry, which can lead to an attitude of entitlement, which inevitably makes you more and more self-centered, which takes you away from God, and which leaves you feeling isolated, bitter and negative. But something quite different occurs when you focus on what you do have – even when you don’t have everything you think you would like. You begin to experience overwhelming gratitude, which makes you more and more God-centered, which always takes you into an ever-deeper relationship with God, and which results in more joy, freedom and hope than you ever imagined. Ironic, isn’t it? The more you make it all about you, the more you struggle; while the more you make it about God, the more you thrive. It may be a hard lesson to learn, but it’s one that will last an eternity.

Reflect God’s Hope

Look around and you’ll notice something pretty quickly. Lots of people go through every day of their lives without much hope. They may have a great job, but they don’t have much hope. Or lots of money, but little hope. Or the ideal life – but not the hope they long for. But there’s a place they can find more hope than they ever imagined. God. And here’s the unexpected way God shares this hope with them – by using you to reflect the hope God has given you. So think about this. God needs you to reflect the light of God’s hope in the darkness of someone’s life today. Then once you get your mind wrapped around that, think about this. It’s the power of being a light in the darkness. Because light always makes a bigger difference in the darkness than it ever does in the light.