It’s probably happened more times than you can count. Someone says something nice, then adds ‘but’ and follows it up with something deflating. In fact, it’s probably happened so often you think this three-letter has morphed into some kind of four-letter word. But that’s not the case when it comes to God. That’s because God’s ‘but’ takes every single thing that is negative, evil, hopeless and contrary to God’s vision, and turns it into something life-giving. You may think you’re a horrible person, but God’s going to love you regardless of what you think. Someone you love may be dying literally or in some other way, but God’s offering exactly the healing that person needs. The world may seem to be on an inevitable downward spiral, but God’s at work in the midst of the despair birthing new life. God’s ‘But’. It’s real. It’s transformational. And it’s yet another sign of God’s amazing grace.