Good morning, God!

I’m aware – so aware – of the pain, suffering and evil in the world. In fact, I can’t ignore it even if I try. And I’ve got to admit it is often so powerful that I become negative, cynical and hopeless before I know it.

But I also know that You are infinitely greater than all the bad put together. And so I choose to have faith in You, choose to trust You and choose to see how You are at work making Your will just as real on earth as it already is in heaven.

Now, Lord, we both know how hard this is. And that I may try, but will fail. And, that my only hope is for You to do for me what I can never do on my own.

So enable me to see life as it really is, but not as the ultimate reality it sometimes seems to be. Assist me to be so in tune with You that I experience Your presence in every moment of life. Empower me to live with Your grace, Your hope and Your joy regardless of the circumstances. And, most of all, help me praise, worship and glorify You all the time in everything I do.

Thank You, Lord!