Sure, there are times I feel like the world’s falling apart. Of course, I’ve got challenges I’m struggling to address. No doubt, I’ve shorted You in more ways than I can ever know.

There’s something, however, far important than me. And that’s You. You – the Creator of All that is. You – the Sustainer of all that is. You – the Fulfiller of All that is.

You – the Lover of all that is.

And that means You love me. Regardless of what I think, feel, do or fail to do. And, in the face of this kind of love, the only thing I can do is love You back.

So I am privileged this morning to thank You, humbled to honor You and awed to praise You. But most of all, I am filled with gratitude to love You with as much of me as I can – my mind, heart, hands, thoughts, words, will and actions.

Not just once. Or even once a day. But with every breath that I take.