A Sunday Prayer 1/31/16


I wish it were only theory. Unfortunately, it is reality. And this reality is the fact I am easily distracted from You. Not just occasionally – but every single moment.

Sometimes it’s because I’m all caught up in myself – my needs, my opinions and my comfort zones. At other times it’s because there are just too many distractions – technology, money and entertainment. And at still other times it’s because of my sin – I simply choose to turn away from You. Not just occasionally – but every single moment.

So, Lord, I am grateful You help me come to grips with this reality. I am even more grateful You love me in spite of it. And I am eternally grateful You help me live joyfully, boldly and hopefully. Not just occasionally – but every single moment.

Thank You, Lord.

Not just occasionally – but every single moment!




What Is So Amazing

There isn’t a day it doesn’t happen. You’re battered by horrible news from around the corner and around the world – yet your soul is renewed when you see a beautiful sunset. You can’t escape the nagging feeling you don’t matter – yet someone makes you feel so special you’re convinced that you’re the most blessed person who has ever lived. You utterly despair about your life – yet you also experience hope when you know it shouldn’t be there. So how do you make sense of all this? There’s only one way. And that’s to know – even if you don’t understand it – that God showers you with grace every second of every day. And here’s what is so amazing. This grace is a gift that you can only receive, shows up at the most unexpected times and fills you to overflowing.   

You’ll Be Amazed What You Hear

How often will you hear God talking to you today? Not speaking to God, telling God what to do, thinking about God or even trying to understand God. But actually listening to God. Probably not nearly as much as your heart yearns to do because you probably just can’t imagine that God would ever want to talk to you. But God loves you so much God wants to talk with you all the time. So get over your stuff, admit you’re usually the reason you don’t hear God speaking more and just start listening. Of course it takes a bit of getting used to and no doubt there will be times you think the only thing you hear is silence. But keep listening – with your ears, your mind, your heart and your spirit. Because when you do, you’ll be amazed what you hear.

All God Wants You to Do Is What You Can Do

Criticism that leads to improvement can be good. But judgment that belittles and tears down is simply destructive. Unfortunately, however, we seem to live smack dab in the middle of a culture of judgment that encourages people to be judge, jury and executioner. You see it all too often, have been its victim and perhaps even have engaged in it yourself. And that’s why God wants you to do something for God’s sake: refuse to take your cue from the culture of judgment and, instead, take it from God who leads with love. Not just mushy sentimental love. But love that starts where people are and takes them where God wants them to be. You may only be one person. And you may wonder what difference you can make. But when all is said and done, all God wants you to do is what you can do.

Do It Every Single Time

You’ve got a huge decision to make today. You have got to decide how you are going to use the 24 hours God has given you. You certainly have lots of choices, especially when you consider all the things you have to do, need to do, should do and want to do. Thankfully, God is with you every moment, fills you with grace and empowers you in wondrous ways. But God still leaves that choice up to you. Which means you have to decide what’s most important, when you are going to do it and how you are going to do it. Of course that can be overwhelming. So start with God. Not just in theory, but in real life. Not just in words, but in deeds. Not just in broad strokes, but in concrete actions, And do it every single time.