It’s happened again. In fact, multiple times already this week. The tragedy of another mass shooting. It’s heartbreaking, frightening and so common we are dangerously close to simply accepting it as the way things are. So why does it keep happening over and over and over? There are many reasons – from mental illness to the availability of assault weapons to a world altered by social media to terrorism. But there is also something hidden under layer and layer of issues, theories and realities we just don’t talk about very often: the fact that humanity is in a deep spiritual crisis. So what do people of faith do? We pray fervently and often for all involved. We open our hearts and minds so that God may transform us from the inside out. We gladly allow God to use us as vehicles of hope. We advocate for public policy that addresses those issues that can be addressed. And, perhaps, most importantly, we speak the truth in love as we share our own story of how a transforming relationship with God changes our hearts, minds, hopes, priorities and behaviors so that we discover the life we have been created to live. Not a single one of us can change the world by ourselves doing these things. But if enough of us begin to do these things together, we will begin to experience how we have joined with God in actually transforming lives, communities and the world.

Source: Bishop’s Blog