Lord, it’s that time of the year when we find ourselves looking both backward and forward at the same time.

We are reflecting on what’s happened this past year – the good, the bad, the grace-filled moments and the pain. And we keep coming back to the fact that You were always there – loving, prodding, healing, shaping and helping us grow in Your grace.

We also are anticipating what the coming year will hold – new hopes, God-sized dreams, difficult challenges and all kinds of possibilities. And we are praying that You will continue to be there every moment – loving, prodding, healing, shaping and helping us grow.

As we look both back and ahead, we realize just how much we want a deeper relationship with You than we’ve ever had before. We want to know Your love – more. Be filled with Your love – more. And have Your love shape how we live – more. Not just in ‘religious’ moments, but in every moment.  

We know, Lord, we are a work in progress. So be patient. Keep Your grace coming. And know this. We are ready to go all in. Amen.