On this Holy Night, we joyfully celebrate how You became one of us in the most unlikely way. Not because You had to. But because You wanted to. 

       As a child born to young parents alone and afraid.

       A teacher who shared Your love with all.

       And a Savior who gives us what we need, but can never get on our own.

On this Holy Night, we long for the Christ Child to be born into every nook and cranny of our lives.

       For the very first time.

       The first time in a long time.

       And in ways that will change us from the inside out.

On this Holy Night, we wait to be filled to overflowing with Your love.

       Love so unconditional it accepts us just the way we are.

       Love so transformational it just can’t leave us the way we are.

       And love so invitational it welcomes us into Your life itself.

On this Holy Night, we make a passionate commitment to follow Jesus.

       To go where he leads us.

       Share his love every day.

       And do it in the midst of everyday life.

On this Holy Night, we are ready to experience spiritual revival.

       Beginning right now.

        Continuing every day of our lives. 

        And lasting for eternity.

On this Holy Night, we simply pray that Your Will shall be as real on earth as it already is in heaven. And we do so in the name of the Christ Child who is our Savior, Lord, Brother and Friend.