Thanksgiving is filled with great traditions, delicious food, and precious time with family and friends. Frankly, however, it’s a holiday you probably need to take a whole lot more seriously exactly because you live in a world of ever-growing crises, experience uncertainty about what the future holds, and possess a glut of stuff that fills your life and home. But how? Think your thanks – as you become more and more aware of how much you truly have to be thankful for. Give your thanks – to God for all your blessings, but more importantly for God’s love that reaches out to embrace you in every single thing you experience in life. Live your thanks – be gracious, generous, compassionate, joyful, hopeful and deeply committed to loving God and your neighbor in everything you do. So think, give and live your thanks because Thanksgiving isn’t just a once-a-year holiday, it’s how God has created you to live with every breath you take!  

Source: Bishop’s Blog