God’s Broken Heart

God never stops loving you. Which means God often experiences deep heartache – as hard as that may be to comprehend since God is the creator of all that is. The reason is the very nature of love itself. Since love embodies great vulnerability, passion and self-giving, there is always the potential for great pain. They simply go together. This means God hurts deeply when you turn away, harm others or fail to embrace God’s dreams for you. The point is not to try to fix God’s broken heart, because you can’t. It is simply to do something far more powerful than you can ever begin to imagine. Reach out to God, share yourself completely with God, and love God more and more and more. And then, do one more thing. Make these haunting lyrics the song of your heart, “… break my heart for what breaks Yours”.  

Source: Bishop’s Blog

God Keeps Loving You

God knows every possible thing about you. Which means, of course, God knows your failures, selfishness, greed, insensitivity and when you turn your back on God. Yet, in spite of all of this, God keeps loving you. Absolutely. Personally. And more than you can ever imagine. It doesn’t matter how many times you ignore God – God keeps loving you. It doesn’t matter how many horrible things you do – God keeps loving you. It doesn’t even matter whether you’re mad at God – God keeps loving you. And when God keeps loving you, grace is unleashed and amazing things begin to happen. God heals your hurts, takes your pain and uses it for good, and transforms you from the inside-out so you don’t stay stuck where you are. So remember this truth every time you feel rotten, lonely, depressed, unlovable or hopeless: God keeps loving you!  

Source: Bishop’s Blog

Something You Can Actually Do Today

The world’s problems are endless – terrorism, poverty, pandemics, domestic violence, racism, and hunger. And no one seems to be able to fix them. Not governments, foundations, education, businesses or religion. Yet God is audacious enough to say to you, “You can make a difference.” And, believe it or not, you can. You can speak a word of love in the face of hate, sanity in the midst of insanity and hope in times of absolute despair. You can mentor a child, spend time with a homebound senior or help fight childhood hunger. You can pray with someone and share how God has made a difference in your life. This is not just some nice-sounding faith cliché about how things might be one day. It’s something you can actually do today. And it’s something you need to do today. Because if you don’t, who will?  

Source: Bishop’s Blog

A Sunday Prayer – November 22, 2015



Thanksgiving is almost here.


And I’ve got to be honest. It’s easy to overlook it in the rush to Christmas. Or give thanks for unimportant things. Or utter insincere words.


But something’s resonating deep within my soul. So much so, I’ve just got to give thanks. Not just any thanks. But thanks that gets to the heart of all that ultimately matters – You.


This expresses who I really am, even when I’m not my best me. Enables me to love You more fully, even when my love falls short. And changes how I live, even when I do it imperfectly.  


And along the way I discover something so awesome words are completely inadequate to describe it. You use my inadequate attempts to thank You as opportunities to transform me from the inside-out. Until I’m left with nothing to do but thank You with everything I’ve got.


So, Lord, thank You. For the gift of life. For Your amazing love. And for abundant life in You that begins now … and lasts forever.




Source: Bishop’s Blog

Right? Wrong!

You’ve got a long list of things to do, lots on your mind and problems that don’t seem to go away. So it seems logical to get to work as quickly as possible so you can start dealing with it all. Right? Wrong! Because that moment when you’re ready to get to work is often exactly when you need to call a timeout to spend time with God. You can use this time in all kinds of ways – venting because you can’t take it any longer, letting God be your sounding board or even telling God what you think God needs to do. But once you’ve finished, it’s then time to get down to your most important work – resting in the palm of God’s hand so God’s love fills you to overflowing. When you do, you’ll discover the most amazing thing. You’re suddenly far better equipped to deal with everything going on in your life. 

Source: Bishop’s Blog