Thanksgiving is almost here.


And I’ve got to be honest. It’s easy to overlook it in the rush to Christmas. Or give thanks for unimportant things. Or utter insincere words.


But something’s resonating deep within my soul. So much so, I’ve just got to give thanks. Not just any thanks. But thanks that gets to the heart of all that ultimately matters – You.


This expresses who I really am, even when I’m not my best me. Enables me to love You more fully, even when my love falls short. And changes how I live, even when I do it imperfectly.  


And along the way I discover something so awesome words are completely inadequate to describe it. You use my inadequate attempts to thank You as opportunities to transform me from the inside-out. Until I’m left with nothing to do but thank You with everything I’ve got.


So, Lord, thank You. For the gift of life. For Your amazing love. And for abundant life in You that begins now … and lasts forever.




Source: Bishop’s Blog