Slow Down

It seems like July 4th was just last week. But here it is the end of November, and Christmas will be here before you know it. Time passes quickly. You have too much to do. So you end up working harder, longer and at a more frenzied pace, and still feel like you’re getting more and more behind. That’s no way to live. Which is why it’s time to do the very thing you can’t imagine doing at this busy time of the year – slow down! Because this is what it takes to fully experience God’s presence, actually hear God’s voice and truly discover what God is calling you to do. When you do, you’ll experience it’s not just about how much you get done – it’s how you grow in your relationship with the One who helps you discover what matters most for you to do.

Source: Bishop’s Blog

A Sunday Prayer – November 29, 2015


I don’t like the truth, especially when it’s personal. But the fact of the matter is that I’ve done it again. I’ve made the unimportant important and the important unimportant.

So, Lord, I’m ready to learn again what I already know. That You are love. The heart and soul of life. True joy and hope.

Yes, Lord, I’m ready to experience the fullness of Your love. How You love me just the way I am. Shape and mold me. Invite me to live every single thing I do in You.

Yes, Lord, I’m ready to begin the journey to the manger. Where I can ponder the mystery of You becoming human. Be enveloped by Your miraculous love. Join the heavenly chorus in praising You.

Yes, Lord, I’m ready.


Source: Bishop’s Blog

Today is a Holy Day

You may go through most of a week without feeling particularly spiritual. Not had the same powerful ‘conversion moment’ as others. And certainly never considered yourself as someone whose faith could ever impact others. You just get by the best you can; pray, read scripture and worship; and do your best to love God and your neighbor. But that’s exactly where God comes right smack dab into the middle into your life – literally. Which changes so much about so many things. Suddenly ordinary occasions become sacred moments. Driving your child to school becomes a time for holy conversation. A family dinner becomes a sacred gathering. A tragic death becomes a moment of eternal hope. A crisis becomes an opportunity for new life. Work becomes an occasion to serve others. Put all of this together and it means one very special thing. Today is a Holy Day.  

Source: Bishop’s Blog

Beyond Black Friday

And so it begins. Actually, it already has begun. In fact, it has been going on for weeks. The ‘it’ is Christmas and, sadly, today’s ‘Black Friday’ shopping spree seems to be the highlight of the season for millions. Of course it’s wonderful to give gifts and smart to save money. But how many people put as much of their time and energy into preparing for the mystery of Jesus’ birth as they do buying stuff? That’s a tough question. In fact, it may be a tough question for you. If so, you have the opportunity to go beyond Black Friday. Not so much by stopping what you’re already doing. But by starting to get your heart, mind and life ready to celebrate the miracle that is Christmas – how God became fully human to share the fullness of God’s real love in real life with real people. 

Source: Bishop’s Blog

Think, Give & Live Your Thanks

Thanksgiving is filled with great traditions, delicious food, and precious time with family and friends. Frankly, however, it’s a holiday you probably need to take a whole lot more seriously exactly because you live in a world of ever-growing crises, experience uncertainty about what the future holds, and possess a glut of stuff that fills your life and home. But how? Think your thanks – as you become more and more aware of how much you truly have to be thankful for. Give your thanks – to God for all your blessings, but more importantly for God’s love that reaches out to embrace you in every single thing you experience in life. Live your thanks – be gracious, generous, compassionate, joyful, hopeful and deeply committed to loving God and your neighbor in everything you do. So think, give and live your thanks because Thanksgiving isn’t just a once-a-year holiday, it’s how God has created you to live with every breath you take!  

Source: Bishop’s Blog