Submitting an article to the Arkansas United Methodist

We want to hear – and share – the stories of God at work in Arkansas United Methodist churches.


If a ministry in your church has changed lives in your community or if God has been doing something powerful in your church, please share with us. We are especially interested in stories that show a “living out” of our mission, vision, or core measures, as well as examples of best practices that would be useful to others in ministry.


1. Ask these questions: Will this topic be interesting or helpful to United Methodists in Arkansas? Does the subject of the story help fulfill the mission of the UMC, by either making disciples of Jesus Christ or transforming the world in his name?


2. Use the 5 Ws and 1 H:

Who: Who was involved?

What: What happened or what was the event?

When: When did it happen?

Where: Where did it happen?

Why: Why did it happen? What was the purpose?

How: How did it happen or what was the nature of the event? How does it align with our trajectory, “creating vital congregations that make disciples of Jesus Christ, who make disciples equipped to transform lives, communities, and the world”?


3. What is the most important thing people need to know? Put this main point in your first paragraph.


4. Accuracy is important. Verify your information. Spell-check names, titles and place names. Be specific with regard to dates, numbers and locations. Proofread in addition to using spell-check.


5. Include the author’s name and contact information, and include a way for readers to learn more (a contact name, phone, email and website as applicable). Be sure to identify who wrote the article.


6. Submit the article by e-mail to If you do not have e-mail access, send the article to: Amy Forbus, Editor, Arkansas United Methodist, 800 Daisy Bates Drive, Little Rock, AR 72202. The deadlines for article submission are below.


Remember, there is no guarantee that we can use every article we receive, and every submission is subject to editing. If you have questions, email


Submission deadlines usually fall around the third week of the month. Each issue lists the next three deadlines in the lower right-hand corner of page 2.


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