Local Church Statistical Reporting

ATTENTION PASTORS! Save time and paper and enter your year-end statistical reports ONLINE! The ONLINE SITE will be available on Wednesday, January 2, 2013.  

Instructions for Online Year-End Reporting:
(There are additional online instructions for your convenience.)
Go to https://UMCData.com Click on “Arkansas Conference” and then click on the “GO” button. Log in using your church’s GCFA # as the username and your church’s Conference Church # as the password.  The GCFA # and Conference Church # are located in the upper right hand corner of each Table. Select “Local Church Statistics” Select “Enter Local Church Statistics for the Current Year” Confirm that the church listed is your church, and click “Continue” Confirm that the data at the top of the first page is correct for your church (church name, pastor, and district). If not, please notify your district office. Choose to enter data for Table 1, Table 2 or Table 3 and click the appropriate link. Enter data for all white boxes. (Data from 2011 is in brackets.) The “Help” button on the left of the page will lead you to a document with more detailed instructions about the data entry process. If you discover you do not have all of the information necessary after starting data entry, you may SAVE your data and return to the site later to complete the process. When all data is entered, and you have reviewed your entries, click the “Submit” button. Use the “Print/Preview” button to print a copy of each table for your records. Once submitted, you can no longer make changes to the reports.  If you notice any errors after submitting, please contact your District office to make the change.

Please note:  At the top of Table I, there is a place to type in your church’s Employee Identification Number (EIN) if you do not have one, please enter the word NONE.  It cannot be left blank.  Also, note that each church should have an EIN.  If your church doesn’t have one, please contact the IRS on their website by using this link:  http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id=97860,00.html

Thank you for using Online Year-End Reporting. If at any time you encounter problems or questions, please contact your district administrator for assistance.