Launch Team #1- Experience Spiritual Revival

SPIRITUAL REVIVAL is a gift from the Holy Spirit that begins as individuals prayerfully seek God.  Revival binds together individuals into a movement.  Revival results in a deeper relationship with Christ as Savior and Lord.  Revival compels us to be part of Jesus’ work in the world. 

The churches, laity and pastors of the Annual Conference must experience spiritual revival. We need to experience in deeper ways how Jesus’ love is so unconditional he accepts us just the way we are, so transforming he is unwilling to leave us the way we are, and so powerful he gives us what we absolutely need but can never get on our own – reconciliation with God, healing, and a new way of living that is eternal in every sense of the word. This revival is foundational for everything we do because we can only passionately share Jesus’ love that brings healing, hope, justice, and transformation in lives, communities, and the world when we first have been transformed ourselves.

Documents & Meeting Notes:

Launch Team #1 Meeting Notes – 4-10-14.docx 

 Launch Team #1 Summary Sept. 2014.docx

 March 7 meeeting.doc