FAQ – Finance

Q. Where can I find information about tax laws as they apply to clergy, local churches, annual conferences, and other United Methodist entities?
A. The General Council on Finance & Administration offers a tax packet with helpful information.  
Click here to access the tax packet. 

Q. How can my church get a copy of the 501(c)(3) with our Tax ID number listed?
A. You can get a copy from the General Council on Finance & Administration. 
Click here to download the Group Ruling Request Form that must be submitted.

Q. Should our church have an annual audit? 
A. Helpful information regarding local church audits can be found in the Local Church Audit Guide. 
Click here to download

Q. How should our church handle reimbursement of our pastor and staff members? 
A. An Accountable Reimbursement Policy has been developed to assist local churches and organizations in establishing and maintaining accountable reimbursement policies for
their clergy and staff.
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