It’s Just That Important

Your life is full. So much so, it sometimes may seem like you don’t have time for God. Take the time – it’s just that important. When you wake up, spend a few moments with God. When you eat a meal, give thanks to God for the food. When you struggle with a difficult decision, ask God for guidance. When your heart is filled with joy, give God praise. When you have a few moments to yourself, share your heart with God. Yes, take the time – it’s just that important.

A Sunday Prayer 7/15/18


There’s a huge divide in our nation right now. The feelings are so intense, deep and passionate that the chasms are innumerable and seem insurmountable. It breaks my heart. And then it hits me. It must break Your heart more than I can ever begin to imagine.

That’s why I am praying with everything I’ve got for You to send Your love to me so I can do what I so often feel incapable of doing. Lead with Your love in everything I think, feel, say and do, walk a mile in others’ shoes and go to work.

Until Your will is as real on earth as it already is in heaven.

So children can walk the streets safely.

There’s no need to carry guns.

No one dies from hunger.

And hatred is erased from human hearts.

Hear my imperfect prayer, Lord, in in the perfect name of Jesus’.


Become a Sign of God’s Hope

It may be easy to become pessimistic because so much seems so hopeless. But there are literally more signs of God’s hope around you than you can count. Sick people are healed. Youth use their money to go on mission trips. Families reconcile after years of estrangement. People give millions of dollars to wipe out childhood hunger. So take the time to look for these signs of hope. Celebrate them when you find them. And then become a sign of God’s hope for someone for someone who needs it.

You’ve Been Graced by God

Some days you’re grumpy, negative and just itching for a fight from the moment you wake up. When you’re having one of “those days”, your negative attitude turns almost everything into something bad, worse or worst. But then something happens. Someone makes you smile. Something causes you to look at things in a new way. Or somehow you realize what you’re doing. Guess what? You’ve been graced by God. And it’s going to happen again. And again. And again. And again.

You Can Never Out Bless God

You reach out to bless someone who’s struggling. Then something completely unexpected happens. You realize you’ve been blessed in the process a lot more than you’ve been able to be a blessing. Since this is not your intent, you try even harder to be a blessing. But you end up being even more blessed than you were before. Does it make any sense? No. Is it embarrassing? A bit. Is it humbling? Absolutely. But there’s a good reason it happens this way. You can never out bless God.

Invite God to Lead And Choose to Follow

The fact there are certain things in lie you can’t fix is one of the most important realities you have to learn to accept. It’s also one of the hardest. And it’s exactly why you need to do life in a new way. Invite God to help you discern what God wants you to do. Get on board with God’s plan. Do what God needs you to do. And be amazed at what happens when you invite God to lead and you choose to follow.