Surprised by Life and Touched by Grace

You’re pretty clear most days about what you need to do, whom you should see and what’s important to accomplish. So you go to work to get it all done. But whether it’s a crisis or a wonderful surprise, life has a way of surprising you just when you think you’re on top of everything. Thankfully, however, God also shows up, so you are touched by just the grace you need in just the way you need it at just the time you need it.

You Don’t Need to Do Life Alone

There are moments you experience devastating pain, absolute powerlessness and extreme hopelessness. But when you try to make it all go away, things don’t usually get any better. In fact, they often get worse. That’s when you need to discover again that you don’t need to do life alone. God who loves you, embraces you and heals you already is walking with you – and God is doing it in your best and worst moments, your most joyful and painful moments, and your most exciting and mundane moments.

A Sunday Prayer 10/14/18

Dear Lord,

It’s so easy to make it all about me. And I do, far too often. Which causes me to lose perspective so that I mostly see my through wants, my pain, my disappointments and my dreams. No wonder I often end up feeling sorry for myself, entitled and as if You are not treating me fairly.

So help me do what I struggle to do – see Your bigger picture as I look at everything through Your love, Your dreams, Your hope, Your plans and how You have created me to live. This is where I long to begin my life. And end. And live every day in-between. Regardless of what’s going on.

I pray this in the name of my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ – Amen!

God’s New Starts

You didn’t want to do it. But in spite of your vows, you hurt God, someone you love or yourself again. And today you’re feeling guilty, remorseful and like you’ll never get it right. You’re also wondering if you’ll ever change. Which is why you need to understand God’s new starts. God loves you. God forgives all your mess-ups. God helps you learn from them. And God offers you chance after chance after chance to change. So if this is good enough for God, it’s more than good enough for you.

Grace Just Happens

You may feel blah about your life, sorry for yourself and as if everyone else has it better than you. You don’t want to feel this way. So you try to make an attitude adjustment, but can’t pull it off. Try to get motivated, but get nowhere. Or try to fake it until you make it, but end up feeling exhausted. That’s why it’s time to let God do what you can’t – refresh you with grace. You may not understand it. Or think you deserve it. But that doesn’t matter. Because grace just happens.

Be a Person of Hope Today

I’ve written with increasing frequency how concerned I am about how polarization is defining reality – in our world, nation, the church and our relationships. I’ve recently become deeply concerned this is so engrained it is creating a sense of pervasive hopelessness so powerful we think it can’t be fixed. But God is not just standing on the sidelines. God is pouring out God’s amazing grace, reconciling people and bringing healing all around us. So be a person of hope today. Not because you’re supposed to, but because you’ve experienced God’s hope.