God’s Joy

You see – and sometimes experience – so much suffering it’s easy to start assuming the worst is always going to happen. That’s why God wants you to start with God’s joy. God’s joy does not simply mask cynicism, negativity and worst assumptions. Rather, it literally re-forms you so you become compassionate instead of overwhelmed by suffering, hopeful instead of depressed by pain and purposeful instead of stymied by difficult questions. So go ahead and take that step to tap into God’s joy and experience a power that will change your life – starting right now! 

A Sunday Prayer


I’m so caught up with me that I don’t begin with ‘Thee’. I’m not proud of this. In fact, I despise it.

Yet Lord, You don’t start with my me-infatuation. You begin with Your amazing grace. Grace that takes the initiative. Grace that reaches out. Grace that embraces. Grace that forgives, heals and transforms.

So Lord, I praise You. I adore You. I worship You. And I give You my heart, mind and spirit. Today, every day and for all eternity. For it is the least I can do.

I pray this in the strong name of Jesus.


God Time

Some days you’re annoyed, irritable and grumpy. You know it, and so does everyone else. Most of the time, you will eventually realize what’s going on and that you’re not doing a very good job of loving God, others or yourself. That’s when you need to claim some God time, so that God can help you deal with it. So don’t let the fact that you’re out of sorts control your life today. Instead claim some God time, so that God can replace annoyed, irritable and grumpy with grace upon grace.

Today is God’s Day

It may seem like today is just another day. That’s why there’s something you need to know. Today is God’s day. This means you can experience God with you all day long filling you with unconditional love, helping you grow, walking with you through difficult moments, transforming you from the inside-out, challenging you to do far more than you ever thought possible and helping you discover your God-given purpose. So don’t settle today being just another day. Make sure you make it God’s day all day long.

Just Tell the Truth!

Sometimes it’s necessary to speak the truth in love because so much is at stake – but doing so can have consequences. Which is why you do it with a great deal of seriousness only after you’ve asked God to help you see things the way they really are, purge you of your ego and truly focus on God’s will. So here’s what this means for you. In a world where truth is often far less important than ‘winning’, God needs you to have the courage to speak the Gospel truth in love.  

One of Those Days

Most days you have a clear sense of what to do, whom to see and what’s most important. So you get on with your life the best you can. But have you noticed how often you’re surprised by something unexpected? Sometimes it’s a crisis, other times a wonderful surprise and still others something you just have to pay attention to. What’s interesting about these unexpected intrusions is how often you experience God in them. May today be one of those days when you experience God just the way God knows you need.