Experience Some God Joy Today

You assume there’s nothing special going on today. But no day is ever ordinary. Every day is a gift from God and God is doing something special. God is showering you with love – today. God is calling you to a deeper understanding of the purpose for your life – today. God is inviting you to make a difference in someone’s life – today. And God is helping you experience the joy of simply being alive – today. So embrace today as a gift from God. And experience some God joy today.

Expect More from God

Sometimes it seems presumptuous to expect more from God. Yet that’s exactly what God wants you to do. So expect God to be part of your life. Expect God to shower you with amazing grace. Expect God to do the unexpected on a regular basis. Expect God to give you an eye-opening vision for the future. Expect God to help you achieve your dreams. And expect God to free you to love compassionately. When you’re really ready to expect more from God, you’ll discover how much more God is ready to give!  

A Sunday Prayer


Too often my prayer is “Lord, Save me! Save me from pain, hurt and suffering! Save me from things I don’t want to experience! Save me when I mess up!”

But what I need, Lord, is to be saved from me when I put myself at the center of the universe. Think I can prod, coerce or trick You into doing my will. Settle for a shallow life. Seek to escape real life. Focus on surviving instead of thriving. And refuse to embrace Your will for me.

So, Lord, my prayer is very simple. Save me from me. And save me to You.

I pray this in the strong name of Jesus.


I Love That You Love Me

It always begins with God, not you. You simply spend your life responding to what God does first. You don’t have to do it perfectly. God just wants you to show how much it matters to you, it’s what you really want to do and it’s your heart’s desire is to do it in every single part of your life. Responding to God’s amazing grace is simply the most powerful way you can say to God every single day, “ I love that you love me.”

Real Hope

Your life may be so painful that having any hope seems like a dream. You may have experienced so many setbacks you’re skittish about being the least bit hopeful. You may be struggling so much your greatest hope is just to find a dash of hope. But you can have real hope right now regardless of what you’re experiencing because God is pouring more hope into your life than you can take in. And when God does this, it unleashes a power that allows you to live with the confidence hope is actually becoming reality.   

But God Still Loves Me

You’re going to have victories, defeats and mess-ups today. And there’s a pretty good chance you’ll tell yourself, “If it’s good, I’m lucky. If it’s bad, that’s par for the course because I’m a mess-up!” You’re not, regardless of how it may feel. God loves you and it’s God’s love that tells you what matters most about you. So whenever you’re ready to start talking trash about yourself, remind yourself, “But God still loves me – and that’s a lot more important.” How many times? Until you finally get it!