Director of New Faith Communities

Position Description
Director of New Faith Communities

Position Overview

The Director of New Faith Communities is a full-time position – clergy or laity – that provides strategic leadership and oversight to develop and nurture new churches, faith communities and places for new people, and to engage existing churches in the work of reaching new people.

Major Responsibilities  

1. Start New Ministries

  • Start and support new churches, faith communities and places for new people, and repurpose existing churches to reach new faith communities
  • Utilize emerging models for new places for new people, such as:
    • Fresh Expressions
    • New church starts
    • Micro-Places
    • Multi-Site campuses
    • Partner Churches
    • Church-Within-A-Church
    • House Churches
  • Create congregations more reflective of state demographics:
    • Younger Generations – Millennials, Generation Z
    • Multi-cultural, Multi-ethnic
    • African-American
    • Hispanic/Latino
    • Asian

2. Develop Systems

  • Develop and direct a system to identify, train, support and evaluate potential partner churches to reach new people by establishing new faith communities
  • Develop and coordinate a system to identify, train, support and evaluate persons appointed to start new faith communities
  • Work with the Developer of Ethnic Faith Communities to identify, train, support and evaluate persons specifically appointed to start new ethnic faith communities

3. Support Leaders                   

  • Develop and direct Conference events designed to equip congregations for the ministry of reaching new people
  • Identify, resource and train pastors and congregations in transitioning communities and neighborhoods for multi-cultural ministry
  • Champion throughout the conference a vision for new places for new people
  • Generate funding resources to support the development of new faith communities

4. Provide Alignment

  • Develop strategic collaboration with Chief Mission Strategists and District Strategy Teams
  • Provide regular reports to the Bishop, Cabinet, Operational Team and Extended Cabinet

Indicators of Success

  • 12 months – a coordinated conference-wide strategy in place for the development of repurposed churches and new places for new people
  • 18 month – At least three new churches, repurposed churches, new faith communities and places for new people started throughout the conference
  • 24 months – At least six new places for new people started, with at least two new ethnic minority or multi-cultural congregations

Demonstrated Skills

1. Experience

  • Proven track record in starting something new, identifying and developing leaders and systems
  • Trained and experienced in current methods and models of creating new faith communities
  • Multi-cultural competency; ability to provide resourcing and support for reaching the multiple ethnic groups represented within the annual conference

2. Spiritual Life

  • Grounded in the history, doctrine, and polity of The United Methodist Church
  • Committed to the Christian faith as expressed in the Wesleyan tradition

3. Communication and Technology Skills

  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Knowledge of and ability to use the latest communication technologies
  • Ability to understand and interpret demographic information and other data pertinent to the work of developing new faith communities

4. Administration

  • Ability to supervise and mentor others and maintain effective administrative processes
  • Ability to develop, work with and resource teams
  • Experience in administering programs and budgets
  • Ability to evaluate and if needed to end projects

5. Personal

  • Collaborative and connectional
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Strategic
  • Team-oriented
  • Emotionally intelligent
  • Able to shepherd plans from conception to implementation
  • Humble, hungry, smart
  • Ability to learn and adapt

Salary and Benefits are commensurate with education, training, experience and skills.   

Interested applicants should email the following to

  • Cover letter;
  • Current resume with reference list;
  • Written responses to the following:
    • Describe what you believe to be two promising methods or models of creating new faith communities in today’s culture.
    • Describe two issues you believe must be addressed in order to effectively reach millennials, particularly those who have little to no connection with the church.
    • Share a time when you created and coordinated a new program or system.  What were the outcomes? How did you measure them?
    • What challenges must be faced by a church or conference in order to create successful multi-cultural faith communities and ministries?