Contemporary Worship Leader – Highlands United Methodist Church

Reports to: Senior Pastor
Hours: 20 hours
Salary: Commensurate with experience
Directly Supervises: No paid direct supervision.

Job Summary
The worship leader is to plan, coordinate and lead the Contemporary Worship Service of Highlands Church.

Core Functions and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the entire worship service in consultation with the Sr. Pastor.
  • Plans and organizes a meaningful worship experience (not limited to music) that connects people with God.
  • The ability to do or oversee the digital world of audio and video. This would include a working knowledge of software such as Pro-Presenter or the equivalent that’s used for projection of song lyrics and other images during services.
  • Provides leadership to and supervises the necessary people and teams/committees needed to produce worship that brings people into the presence of God. (Praise team, multi- media, video, physical set up of the room, creative planning team, worship committee or the equivalent if there needs to be one, etc.)
  • Prepares worship team to help the congregation connect with God.
  • Disciples the worship team and provides pastoral care.

Other Responsibilities

  • Special services.
  • Sets annual goals for the worship ministry that are in line with the churches.
  • Participates in staff meetings unless working another job during the time of the meeting.
  • Participates in the life and ministry of the church.
  • Prepares and manages the annual budget.

Core Competencies

The knowledge, skills, behaviors and results expected in the role

Personal Growth.

  • Demonstrates personal faith in Jesus Christ and lives in such a manner that glorifies Christ in his/her daily behavior and speech.
  • Lives a lifestyle that is consistent with the Holy Scriptures, doctrines, teachings, and values of The United Methodist Church.

Musical skills and competence

  • Demonstrates appropriate professional or technical knowledge and shows evidence of continual learning on the job.
  • Spiritual maturity and vision to understand what worship is, and equally important, what worship is not.
  • Vocal ability to lead out, sing the melody (on pitch) and encourage others to enter in.
  • Instrumental ability to carry the primary chord structure of a song, on either guitar or piano.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of worship music and the ability to sing, lead vocals and direct musicians.
  • Can select, arrange and/or write music.
  • Experience and knowledge with technical aspects of services and production: for example, sound boards, lighting, multimedia, video editing, etc. a plus.


  • Communicates a positive attitude regarding his/her ministry, work environment and towards others. Has an attitude that has a positive impact on the church.
    Trust and Integrity.
  • Is widely trusted; seen as direct and truthful; keeps confidences; admits mistakes; adheres to an appropriate and effective set of core values during good and bad times; acts in line with those values; practices what he or she preaches.
  • Supports and is loyal to the pastor and the staff.

Manage Vision and Purpose

  • Articulates and supports the mission and vision of Highlands Church; communicates the vision of their ministry in light of the churches to others; and helps others to own the vision.

Developing and Equipping Volunteers.

  • Is able to share and give ministry away to others. Is able to identify people with a passion for their ministry and recruit them into positions of responsibility; provides challenging tasks and assignments for others to do, delegates appropriately, makes each participant feel valued, communicates expectations clearly and holds people accountable. Creates a climate in which people want to give and do their best and become raving fans of the ministry. Maximizes opportunities for volunteers to serve. And develops the leadership of lay people.
  • Build the worship team to include the necessary people needed to carry out the tasks including the set up and take down of the meeting area.
  • Scout for future musicians so there is a replacement in mind or another team for a new service.
  • Maximizes opportunities to equip laypeople to serve in the worship ministry.


  • Demonstrates a team spirit, valuing input from all team members, paid staff and unpaid volunteers, and shows Christ-like love to each other. Demonstrates loyalty and public support for the ministry of others and seeks the input of others impacted by their decisions and actions before making key decisions. Fosters communication with staff and fulfills commitments to other staff members. The staff person is regarded as a team player. Communication and other relational skills to work well with others outside of the worship team who are crucial to making a worship service happen. Interpersonal relationship.
  • Love and respect for people. Relates well to all kinds of people. Uses diplomacy and tact and works well with the Senior Pastor and other staff. Has a professional and courteous demeanor. Demonstrates excellent customer service skills.

Contact Information

Pastor Bryan Fink
Highlands United Methodist Church
371 Glasgow Road
Bella Vista, AR 72715
Office: 479-855- 2277
Cell: 479-409- 6730