Fill-a-bag ministries for local churches


  • Church members fill a reusable grocery bag once a month and bring it to church on a specific Sunday. All the items collected will be shared with a local food pantry or distribution ministry.
  • 200K Reasons will supply them free of charge to churches worshipping 50 or fewer. Bags may be purchased at cost plus postage for churches worshipping more than 50 every Sunday.
Get started feeding children and their families in only 5 easy steps:
Step 1. 
CHOOSE A PARTNER: A local partner can be any church or organization that is providing food to children and their families as part of their feeding ministry or program: a food bank, food pantry or backpack program, or a food distribution service that includes children.
Step 2. 
WORK OUT THE LOGISTICS: With your partner, determine if specific food items are needed for each collection and how to communicate this with your congregation. Arrange how the food collected will get to the distribution site.
Step 3. 
COMMUNICATE YOUR COMMITMENT: Email Mary Lewis Dassinger at and briefly state your commitment to support the agency with food collections as part of the 200K Reasons Initiative.
Step 4. 
RECEIVING THE BAGS: Expect delivery within one month from the time we receive your information. If the bags wear out, we will replace them at no charge for churches worshipping fewer than 50.
Step 5. 
KEEP US POSTED: Let us know how it is going and once a year we will ask you to find out from your partner agency how many children they think were served the past year.