Part-Time Choir Director Position – Clarendon FUMC

Part-Time Choir Director Position
Clarendon First United Methodist Church

Clarendon First United Methodist Church is seeking a Part-Time Choir Director/Pianist to work
with our choir, vocal performers, and handbell choir, as well as accompany music in worship

Responsibilities include:

▪ Directing the chancel choir
▪ Directing the handbell choir
▪ Choosing music in consultation with the pastor
▪ Preparing special music for Christmas and Easter services, and accompanying music in
those worship services
▪ Be available for High Holy Days (i.e., Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, and
▪ Direct children’s choir, as needed
▪ Be available for weekly rehearsals with choirs
▪ Other duties as determined by Pastor and Staff Supervisors

Required skills include:

▪ Formal music training, including ability to read music
▪ Ability to transpose and arrange music
▪ Capacity to motivate and nurture volunteer musicians
▪ Ability to work with a variety of musical skill levels

Please send resumé and letter of interest to:

Nan Nelson
P.O. Box 411
Clarendon, AR 72029-0411