Letters to the Editor: June 2, 2017

Reader reactions to May 5 issue

While it is still heavy on my mind, I just wanted to thank you for your column on Ledell Lee [“Last meal,” page 2 of the May 5, 2017 Arkansas United Methodist]. It gave me much to think over, to ponder, and to question about myself and our judicial system.

Your columns often do.

Thanks for your work and your insight and your willingness to write about such things which often make us feel most uncomfortable.

LeAnne P. Burch

First UMC Monticello 


Thank you so much for your wonderful column, “Last meal,” and for your news story about the rally at the state Capitol to protest the executions. As longtime opponents of the death penalty, it really helped us to know that our church’s official stance against the death penalty and our church’s state newspaper were supportive of our efforts. Thanks, too, for printing Jay Clark’s letter to the editor [page 6 of the April 7 issue]. 

Justice has not been served by the four executions—revenge maybe, but not justice. Now we only have four more dead persons and we are all accomplices. It is a sad time for our state. We WILL continue our efforts for abolition.

With deep appreciation for your sensitivity to the many issues facing our church and the world,

Freddie and Rev. Vic Nixon

Pulaski Heights UMC Little Rock


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