Time to get talking

Bishop Gary E. Mueller

I engage in conversations all day long. Some of them are short, sweet and to the point, accomplishing exactly what needs to get done. Others meander slowly to a destination that is not worth the investment of time I put into it. But others are so deep and poignant they almost seem sacramental. That’s because we are honest with other, vulnerable enough not to worry about impressing anyone, and, by far most importantly, somewhere along the way we discover that the Holy Spirit is prompting us in what to say.

It’s nice simply to share holy conversation with someone about those things that ultimately matter most in life; especially in a life saturated with social media, unsubstantiated claims, 24-hour news cycles and more information in a day than you can process in a lifetime. So what constitutes a holy conversation so powerful it seems sacramental? Conversation about the grace Jesus offers that is unconditional, transformational and invitational. Talk about what is truly important—and not just what seems important—in life. And reflection on one of the most important questions you can ever be asked, “How is it with your soul?”

These conversations are increasingly important as I grow older because I am more and more aware of how much I long to discover soul connections with others. So I am looking forward to talk that matters with those with whom I have shared so much for so long. But I also am anticipating new conversations with all the people God is putting in my path every day.

I’m not sure whether anything I’ve said connects with you in any way at all. Indeed, I know how far I have to go to fully live out these aspirations in my own life. But I do know this. Jesus came to offer life that is eternal and abundant. And somehow, we experience the most abundant life through these kinds of relationships with others.

Time to get talking!

Grace and peace,

Gary E. Mueller