Editor’s Corner: From home to home—again

My first column for this publication was titled, “On leaving home to go home.”

And wouldn’t you know it, nearly seven years later, I’m doing it again.

Amy Forbus

The role of Arkansas United Methodist editor brought my husband and me back to our home state in 2010. Leaving the life we had built in Texas wasn’t easy, but we believed God had provided an opportunity to be closer to our families. And so we reoriented our lives, sold our house, uprooted ourselves and made the transition.

This time, I once again believe God has provided this opportunity for change, though the current uprooting doesn’t involve quite so many drastic adjustments. Instead of relocating every element of my life, I’ll lengthen my commute, making the daily drive from Little Rock to Conway to work as director of communications for my United Methodist-related alma mater. I won’t be able to join the same buddies for lunch or visit with as many clergy friends, as most of them won’t have nearly as much business that would take them through my new office.

So much shapes us as we learn and grow: the people around us, our environment, our socioeconomic status, the faith our families choose and the faith we ultimately choose for ourselves.

Two organizations have played key parts in shaping who I am. For the past 16 years, from local church staff to church-related organization to the Arkansas Annual Conference, I have had the privilege of orienting my daily work to serve one of them, the United Methodist Church. Now, I have the opportunity to do the same for the other one, Hendrix College.

As the announcement of this change made its way around social media, a Hendrix professor and friend responded with the comment, “Welcome home, Amy!”

It’s true. Hendrix is one of the places I’ve called home. Yet, I’ve learned something from returning “home” over the years: Home doesn’t stay where I left it. In the case of higher education, a college becomes a different place every semester, and many semesters have gone by since my days of hanging around on campus. I’ll have much to learn as I settle into my new digs (on a piece of property that the college didn’t even own when I was a student).

The Arkansas Conference has become home to me, too, just as the Little Rock Conference was when I was a child (there we go again, with “home” changing). I’ll still be part of one of her congregations, and I’ll still be working with a number of her people.

Thank you, readers, for helping me find home at the Arkansas United Methodist for a season. May God’s blessings and grace be with each of you, and may you be at home wherever God leads.

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