Needing all of Christ

Bishop Gary E. Mueller

It’s easy to show up on Easter morning to celebrate the joy of Jesus’ resurrection… to get swept up in the lilies, the crowds and the beautiful music.

But you can’t isolate Easter from Jesus’ birth, where you experience how passionately God loves you. You certainly can’t separate it from his life and teachings, where he shows you how to live the way God created you to live. And there’s no way you can pry it from his death on the cross, where you experience how far Jesus will go to save you by giving you what you absolutely need, but can never get on your own.

You need it all because you need all of Christ—his birth, his death and his teaching, as well as his resurrection—so you can personally experience how Jesus loves you so much he willingly showed up for you, shared the fullness of God’s love with you through word and deed, died to save you and was raised from the dead for you to have eternal life that begins right now.

When we experience Jesus’ love, it changes everything about everything. Jesus gives us freedom from the past and freedom for our future. He transforms us from what we were into what we can be. He moves us from despair to compassion, to generosity, joy and hope.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, what you think about yourself or what anyone else says about you. Jesus has come for you, died for you and been resurrected for you.

If this doesn’t fill you with a hunger to follow Jesus, to live as his disciple, to help others experience his love and get on board with him to transform lives, communities and the world, I don’t know what will.

Christ is risen.

He is risen, indeed.

Grace and peace,

Gary E. Mueller