Disaster Response update – Sept. 7, 2016

With recent flooding in southeast Arkansas and the Baton Rouge, La. area, disaster clean-up and recovery supplies are in high demand. Below are several customized lists for kits to meet these specific needs. (Please note that these aren’t instructions for UMCOR disaster response kits; those may be found at www.umcor.org/UMCOR/Relief-Supplies.)

If you have any questions regarding the lists below, or need to schedule a drop-off of donations, please contact Janice and Byron Mann at disaster@arumc.org

Items specifically requested by Louisiana Conference Disaster Response (which can be routed through Arkansas Conference Disaster Response):
Scoop shovels
Floor scrapers
Sheetrock knives
Small circular saws, such as the Dremel SawMax
Contractor trash bags
Dust masks
Shop Vacs
Flat bars
Chalk boxes and chalk
Push brooms
Safety glasses
Plastic storage bins with lids
Garbage cans, large
Pressurized garden sprayers, 2-gallon
Gift cards to Home Depot, Lowes, or WalMart

Household Kits for disaster recovery (remember, these are not UMCOR relief supply kits, so please contact us at disaster@arumc.org if you are interested in helping in this way):

Kitchen Start-up kit (Basic service for 4)

7 pc cookware set
3 pc cooking utensil set
12 pc dinnerware (melamine or sturdy plastic)
12 pc flatware set
1 drain board
1 colander / strainer
1 vegetable peeler
1 measuring cup
Measuring spoons
1 carving / bread knife
1 salt / pepper shakers
2 kitchen towels
2 dish cloths
2 pot holders / hot pads
1 can opener
1 scrubber
1 kitchen trash can
1 roll kitchen trash bags
1 dishwashing liquid
1 all-purpose cleaner
1 container cleanser
Place all in appropriate size plastic or rubber tub or tote (other than trash can).

Bedroom Kit
4 piece sheet set – fitted sheet, flat sheet, 2 pillowcases
1 polyester/acrylic blanket
2 pillows
Place all in appropriate size plastic or rubber tub or tote.

Floor Care Kit

1 Broom
1 Mop
1 Utility pail
1 Dust pan with brush
Tie all together with zip tie.

Bathroom Kit

4 towel sets (bath towel, hand towel, washcloth)
Soap or body wash (x2 – His & Hers)
Deodorant (x2 – His & Hers)
Hand soap – pump dispenser type
4 toothbrushes
Back scrubber
Toilet paper
All-purpose cleaner
Scrub brush
Pkg cleaning rags
Toilet bowl brush
First Aid kit
Bath size trash bags
Bath size trash can
Place all in appropriate size plastic or rubber tote.

Laundry Kit

Clothes basket
Laundry bag
Laundry detergent
Softener sheets
Stain remover
Lint remover roller
Clothes pins
Clothes line
Clothes hangers (10)
Place all in appropriate size plastic or rubber tub or tote.