Special ARUMC pricing for copiers, printers, services through CFT/Datamax partnership

The Arkansas Conference Center for Technology has invited Little Rock-based Datamax, Inc., to serve as the preferred vendor of printer, copier and imaging solutions for local churches and member organizations of the Arkansas Conference.

As an elite member of the Canon USA Advanced Partner Program, Datamax has secured special pricing with Canon for our churches and affiliate organizations. With the complete partnership of Canon, Datamax and the Arkansas Conference, churches and related institutions will not only be able to receive select pricing on Canon Output Devices, but also on other services that Datamax offers:

• Rapid Service Call Responsiveness, Quick Service Call Resolution
• Document management, Laserfiche
• Information Technology services (remote or on-site)
• Managed print services (identifying devices that aren’t cost effective and formulating a plan to maximize productivity)
• Network services (including a free network assessment)
• Dell Direct pricing for computers and service
• Backup and disaster recovery options

The Center for Technology is confident that Datamax can bring complete and cost-effective solutions to local churches and other entities in the Conference. If you are in the market for any of the services that Datamax can provide, contact Datamax representative David Holzhauer at 501-603-3000 or dholzhauer@datamax-lr.com.

—Mark Epperson, director, ARUMC Center for Technology