40 Days Of Prayer: Sunday, January 31, 2016

God of the Four Winds, you once placed Ezekiel in a valley full of bones that were very dry, and told him that you could put breath in them and give them new life if he would only prophesy to them.

As he stood in that valley and prophesied he began to hear a rattling sound as the bones came together, but yet there was no life. You then commanded him to prophesy again and when he did, the four winds entered into the bones and they came back to life.

As your spirit breathed into them, new life and hope were given to your people who believed themselves to be cut off from Your presence. And it started when your prophet stood and proclaimed your Word.

Like Ezekiel, we find ourselves living in a time that is dry and it often feels as if we have been cut off from you. We, your people, are dry, Lord, and we dwell in our own valley full of dead dry bones, and we are in need of new life. We long for revival, Lord!

Give us the words to speak that will draw your Holy Spirit back into our lives in a way that will transform who we are and bring us to new life.

May this revival also bring us closer to your Son, Jesus Christ, that we might find our congregations and communities renewed by taking seriously His teaching for our lives, and through our willingness to live them out each day.

And, as we continue through this time of preparing for spiritual revival, remind us that revival is also a partnership with you, much like your partnership with Ezekiel.

Remind us that it isn’t enough to want revival, but like you called Ezekiel to prophesy, you call us to speak your word to others who are also dry and parched. Forgive us, Lord, for those times in which we have failed to speak.

Bless us with new courage and new ability to speak your word, beginning with the communities that we serve, so that they too may experience revival and the fullness of your grace.

And may this revival continue until all the world comes to know the power of your transformative love. This we pray to you, God of the Four Winds, in the name of your Holy Son, Jesus Christ, who dwells with you and your Holy Spirit. Amen.