Letter to the Editor: July 3, 2015

Regarding Resolution 3, withdrawn from consideration at Annual Conference

On Monday, I sat with my mother, uncle and aunt during the Memorial Service. My grandfather, Rev. Maurice Webb, a faithful Methodist minister, died this year at 101. My grandparents never believed their younger daughter lives a life that is incompatible with Christian teaching. Being a lesbian doesn’t separate my aunt from the love that everyone receives as God’s children. She has been a lay delegate, spoken from many pulpits, and has served as our church’s lay leader. Being homosexual should not set her, or any gay person, apart from full inclusion in the life of our church, and that includes allowing pastors to perform all of their pastoral duties, where same-gender weddings are legal.

My husband and I are raising our 12-year-old son in the church. We, along with our pastors, are teaching him that God is love, Christ is love, and love is love is love. Like heterosexuals, homosexuals are our brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, and sons and daughters. Tony Campolo, an Evangelical Christian leader, recently posted a statement saying that he’s been wrong about excluding LGBTQ people from the life of the church. I hope that my beloved church will come to the same conclusion.

Laura Coulter
First UMC Little Rock

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