St. Mark UM Women teach life skills workshop

The St. Mark UMC Pine Bluff United Methodist Women have had the privilege of blessing families by providing a fellowship meal and Life Skills Bible Study at the local housing authority residential area on the first Monday of each month. The evening starts with a Bible study that teaches holy living, builds resiliency and raises self-esteem. Some of the study topics include courage, determination, decision making, forgiveness and faith.

After the study, groups divide by age level for discussion and activities. Each group has a United Methodist Women facilitator who reinforces the topic for the evening with a related activity.

The workshops seek to inspire families to become more resilient and self-motivating during challenging times; to teach a biblical life skill in a community setting; to build relationships with the families and offer them Jesus; and to reinforce learning with the use of music, arts, crafts and other hands-on activities.

During the meal, leaders and participants continue to share ways to apply the lesson to their daily lives. They bless and enjoy each other while working to become a unified community, ready for challenges and new experiences.

The St. Mark United Methodist Women enjoy this time and love their new friends. Building community and spreading love enables them to offer Jesus to their neighbors.

—submitted by Dorminita Frazier