New background check service available for local churches

The Arkansas Conference has entered into an agreement that will help local churches more affordably and efficiently complete the required Safe Sanctuary background checks for employees and volunteers.

Trak-1 Technology, a premier provider of nationwide employment screening, resident screening and volunteer screening data and related background software since 1996, provides screening solutions for more than 20 United Methodist Church Conferences throughout the country. While local churches may continue to use any background check service they choose, the Conference recommends Trak-1 based on price and overall quality of service.

Each individual church may set up an account and elect to have volunteers and staff members register online for the background check themselves. Or the church may serve as the administrator of that process, entering information for each individual needing a background check.

The Arkansas Conference is absorbing the set-up, monthly maintenance and invoice fees. The only expense to churches is the cost of each background check. Churches may elect to pay that fee themselves or have each person undergoing a background check pay for their own.

The names of all individuals checked by the Conference or any local church that has chosen to use Trak-1 will be kept in a single database by Trak-1. If a background check has already been performed for an individual and is recent enough, a new check will not have to be done, eliminating duplication of effort and associated fees.

How local churches register for Trak-1:

• Visit the Trak-1 new client page.

• Enter our Conference password when prompted: arkconf123.

• After your church account has been set, you will create a separate password for your church account.

• A Trak-1 representative will contact you to complete the registration process and explain the screening process.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact our Trak-1 representative, Kyle Hendricks, at or 918-779-7000, extension 3406.