A confession

Bishop Gary E. Mueller

Bishop Gary E. Mueller

I believe it’s always important to be honest with God, as well as with those who are my sisters and brothers in Christ. That’s especially the case during this season of Lent. So I’m going to do it. In fact, I’m so serious I’m going to make a confession.

I confess I do everything I possibly can to get churches excited about experiencing true spiritual revival. I strategize about how to get churches more fully engaged in their mission fields. And work diligently to get the right pastors in the right places so those pastors will thrive and the congregations they serve will become far more vital in making disciples who make disciples.

Of course, that’s not much of a confession since it makes me sound like a hero. But it is an appropriate prelude to my real confession. I confess I’m trying too hard, doing too much and taking way too much responsibility for the United Methodist churches in Arkansas. Or, to put it a little more candidly, I confess don’t trust God nearly enough, don’t get on board with God nearly as much as I should and often don’t really expect God to do all that much.

But confessing this means I also need to confess something else. It’s hard, because I don’t like acknowledging it. But I must. I confess I need to take God’s unconditional, transformational and invitational love so seriously it truly becomes the most powerful thing in my life. I need to become a far more faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. And trust the Holy Spirit to lead me as I lead the people called United Methodists in Arkansas. In other words, I confess that I know the most important thing I can do as your bishop is to get a whole lot more serious about walking my talking.

But that’s exactly the point of confession. To clear the air with God, others and myself. To get back on track. And to experience God’s gift of enabling me to do a far better job of doing the right thing in the right way at exactly the right time than I could ever do on my own. Not because I’m good. But because I’m getting better at letting God be God.

Grace and peace,

Gary E. Mueller