An update from Bishop’s Mission Plan Launch Team #1: ‘Experience Spiritual Revival’

revival2What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word revival? Does it have a positive or negative connotation for you?

These are the first questions we asked ourselves as Launch Team #1, Experience Spiritual Revival, began to meet last year. Our first task was to understand what this mysterious word revival meant for us and how it might be perceived throughout our Conference. We explored the notion of revival from many angles, with the end goal being the creation of a definition of spiritual revival that could be used across the Conference. We dissected the word revival in an attempt to discern what it is, what it is not and the experience we hoped to spark once we landed on a definition.

The Latin root of revival is re-vivere, which means to reinvigorate, to restore to life, to become strong and healthy after a period of decline, to renew or revitalize.

In every Christian’s life, spiritual vitality or passion wanes over time. This is true in all aspects of our lives: whether it is our relationships with others, our diet or exercise regime… our enthusiasm ebbs and flows. So it is with our spiritual life and relationship with God. We generate many reasons for not tending to that which gives us life—our relationship with Christ. This word revival that can strike fear in our hearts may just be the very thing for which our souls are longing.

The end result offered to you from Launch Team #1 is the following definition:

Spiritual Revival is a gift from the Holy Spirit that begins as individuals prayerfully seek God.

Revival binds together individuals into a movement.

Revival results in a deeper relationship with Christ as Savior and Lord.

Revival compels us to be part of Jesus’ work in the world.

Launch Team #1 includes Bishop Gary Mueller, Lawrence Bearden, Jimmie Boyd, Bill Buchanan, Mary Jane Cole, John Crawford, Carlton Cross, Jim Kimzey, Richard Lancaster, Susan Ledbetter, Charles Long, Karon Mann, Darrell Mills, Mike Morey, Mark Norman, Bud Reeves and Bruce Vick.