Letter to the Editor: Jan. 2, 2015

Free resource for funeral planning

The beginning of a new year brings reflection. We often make goals to improve our lives and relationships or to better organize our lives. One area we don’t often discuss is our death.

As a clergy member, college chaplain and now custodian of a columbarium and memorial garden, I work with many families and continue to find that not knowing what the deceased wanted for their final arrangements adds to the stress surrounding the death of a loved one.

Sharing what we want to happen at our funeral is one of the best gifts we can give our family and friends. It might sound morbid, but as people of faith, it should be a time to give thanks for our earthly life.

One tool I have found helpful is a Funeral Planning Document. A year ago, I hesitantly shared this document and the building of our columbarium with Hendrix College faculty and staff. I received a few emails with light-hearted humor, but most replies were from people thanking me for the document and saying it was much needed.

For a copy of this resource, email me at clark@hendrix.edu and if I can be of any assistance, please let me know.

Best wishes for the new year,
Rev. J. Wayne Clark
Chaplain, Hendrix College

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