People of Faith: Jan. 2, 2015

Rev. C.E. McAdoo

Rev. C.E. McAdoo

McAdoo debuts new book

The Rev. C.E. McAdoo, a retired elder who currently serves as pastor of St. Andrew UMC Little Rock, has published a new book focused on learning how to cooperate with those who are different from us.

Nobody Jumped Off the Boat: We Are All In This Together is a continuation of McAdoo’s “Journey” book series. Previous books in the series are Budgetitis (2008) and Soul Prints of Faith (1990).

Nobody Jumped Off the Boat addresses “a relational understanding that I feel sometimes we don’t have with one another,” he says.

Using the Noah’s Ark story as the central metaphor, he writes about the necessity of working together: getting on the boat, dealing with opposites, getting off the boat and discovering what happens next.

“If we think about the ark, there’s nowhere in the Bible that it says anybody jumped off,” he said. The people and animals had no choice but to get along, to make relationships work.

McAdoo focuses on three arenas in which relationships matter for the sake of working toward common goals: religion, education and business. Though the metaphor is biblical, the principles can apply to multiple disciplines, religious and non-religious.

“It has nothing to do with what your perspective is,” he said. “It has everything to do with how to get from A to B.”