Resources for observing Donor Sabbath in local churches

What is the UMC’s position on organ and tissue donation?
“…organ transplantation and organ donation are acts of charity, agape love, and self-sacrifice. We recognize the life-giving benefits of organ and other tissue donation and encourage all people of faith to become organ and tissue donors as part of their love and ministry to others in need.”
—Paragraph 162, The United Methodist Book of Discipline
The United Methodist Church also encourages local congregations to observe Donor Sabbath, which in the U.S. is set two weekends before Thanksgiving. In 2014, Donor Sabbath weekend is Nov. 14-16. For information and resources for observing Donor Sabbath, visit
“During National Donor Sabbath, faith leaders from many religions, donor families, transplant recipients and donation and transplantation professionals participate in services and programs to increase awareness of the need for the lifesaving and enhancing gifts passed to others through transplantation and encourage people to sign up in their state registry as organ, eye, tissue, donors.”—from
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Bone marrow and stem cells: To join the registry for the National Marrow Donor Program, visit
Organ and tissue donation: To learn more about organ and tissue donation in Arkansas, including how to ensure you are signed up as an organ donor, visit the website for the Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency (ARORA),