Imagine Ministry Team seeks feedback on progress of change

With three years having passed since the Annual Conference’s 2011 adoption of the Imagine Ministry Vision, Mission and Core Measures, the Arkansas Conference Extended Cabinet and the Imagine Ministry Team have designated 2014 as a time to evaluate the emerging results of the plan.
To read the Imagine Ministry Team’s reflections on each of the six major areas of deep change, visit and click on the “Imagine Ministry” link in the menu bar. The team invites both laity and clergy to respond.
The Rev. Gil Rendle, consultant to the Imagine Ministry Team, attended the Sept. 17 joint meeting of the Extended Cabinet and the Imagine Ministry Team. He saw evidence of necessary change gaining a foothold in the Arkansas Conference.
“Changing structure, staffing, programs and practices is the easier work of deep change, and there is a good bit of evidence that such organizational change is not only happening, but is being evaluated and adapted,” Rendle said.
“I was impressed with the willingness to acknowledge what has not worked, what can be improved and what now is most important in order to continue on a very challenging path,” he added.
The Imagine Ministry Team’s initial draft of reflections applies five questions to each to area:
1. Why did we do what we did?
2. What did we do and what did we want to accomplish by doing that?
3. How far did we get?
4. What did we learn?
5. What do we need to focus on next?
The assessment documents have been shared so that laity and clergy of the Arkansas Conference may review and comment on them. Please send thoughts to or by Nov. 1, 2014.