Letter to the Editor: An open letter

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, We have been struggling far too long with the issue of gay ordination. The church is in decline, souls are being lost every day, drug use among our youth has reached epic proportions and we spend our energies and time arguing about a minor problem.
Our Book of Discipline is plain in its view. I say we should move on to more pressing issues such as seeking out the least, the last and the lost. It is time to return to proclaiming Christ’s offer of salvation and relationship to the world. If a Methodist preacher does not support the laws of the church, they are invited to leave and Lord bless. If the Lord has put it on your heart to serve the gay community, by all means go forth with God’s blessing and start a gay fellowship. Those who disrupt meetings and conferences with arguments are a hindrance to those who accept and support the Methodist church. Some say they are helping the church with this debate. I say if they spent as much time and energy caring for their flocks as they do thinking up ways to change church law, the church just might find itself in revival.
In Christ, Rev. Bill Grothe Melbourne and Cushman UMCs
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