Four Habitat honorees share congregation in common

Christ of the Hills UMC Hot Springs Village has supported Garland County Habitat for Humanity since 1996, when the first house was built in Hot Springs. That first house crew included Christ of the Hills member Joe Allen. In 2000, Glen Phillips and Ade DeHaan became involved with the weekly building program, and in 2002, Gene Lichliter got the Master Gardeners involved by landscaping each new house.
These four Christ of the Hills members have each been recognized for their service by being named Volunteer of the Year—Joe Allen in 2009, Gene Lichliter in 2010, Ade DeHaan in 2012 and Glen Phillips in 2013. They have contributed a combined total of 50 years of service to Garland County Habitat for Humanity, and they continue to help construct Habitat houses in Hot Springs, which now number more than 100.
Christ of the Hills continues to support Garland County Habitat for Humanity with other gifts and funds. The church funded one house in its entirety, and has been a partner of the Apostle Build houses from the beginning of that program. Members of Christ of the Hills have had a part in presenting each new home owner with gifts, and several other members volunteer regularly on the building crews. Gene Lichliter and senior pastor Dr. Walter Smith serve on the organization’s board of directors.   Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church is proud to have four members who have been named Volunteers of the Year with Garland County Habitat for Humanity. From left: Gene Lichliter, Volunteer of the Year 2010; Joe Allen, Volunteer of the Year 2009; Glen Phillips, Volunteer of the Year 2013; and Ade DeHaan, Volunteer of the Year 2012.  COURTESY PHOTO