Three-point charge co-hosts Delta revival

A revival was held Jan. 12-17 at the Portland, Wilmot and Dermott Charge in southeast Arkansas under the direction of the Rev. Phil Worley. Each church hosted two nights of the revival.
The revival began on Sunday morning in the Portland church, with Southeast District Superintendent the Rev. Mark K. Norman delivering the message at all three churches’ worship services. The Rev. Carlton Cross was the visiting evangelist, delivering messages each evening to churches filled with worshippers. The amazing attendance hinted at great work being done in the Delta area through United Methodist congregations.
The three churches in this charge worked together and across denominational lines to make the revival meaningful for the community. By worshiping as one group, these three churches were able to demonstrate ways in which to share the gospel in their local communities.
Attendees of each service came forward to the altar, praying for spiritual renewal for their own lives and other lives in Arkansas. The revival opened up the ability for these communities to have a continued dialogue on how to witness to the masses and further the mission and ministry of the Arkansas Conference. It was a week that will not be forgotten by the small churches in the Delta—a lasting memory of the Holy Spirit at work.