A Christmas Prayer

By Bishop Gary E. Mueller


It’s unimaginable, incomprehensible, mysterious and miraculous.

Yet it’s also absolutely true.

You, the God of all creation, came to us in the most personal way possible.

Living as one of us.

Born in a stable to parents who were alone, afraid and scandal-plagued.

Earning a living with the hands of a carpenter.

Dying in an act of sacrificial love.

And sharing everything we need to know about You.

This Christmas, may the Christ child be born in our hearts—

Maybe for the first time.

Maybe in a brand-new way.

Maybe for the first time in a long time.

This Christmas, help us experience the reality of Your love—

A gift so unconditional it loves us just the way we are.

A gift so transformational it just can’t leave us that way.

A gift so powerful nothing can ever separate us from You.

This Christmas, empower us to follow Jesus in all we do—

As we share his love every day.

As we do so with all our quirky imperfections.

As we act in ways that amaze even us.

But most of all, Lord, revive us this Christmas.


Every day.

And for all eternity.

I pray this through the Christ child, who is our Savior, Lord and Brother.