The ‘disciple’ filter

Bishop Gary E. Mueller

Bishop Gary E. Mueller

You may not be aware of it, but you wear filters that have a great deal to do with how you see others, interpret events in the world and make decisions. Sometimes these filters are a particular ideological perspective; at other times, your personality; and at still other times, your life experiences.

The fascinating thing about these filters is how powerfully they impact your life. Indeed, you and another person can experience exactly the same thing, but because you are wearing different filters, you end up having two very different experiences.

Of course, this isn’t all bad because it ensures that life is never boring. But it does raise an interesting question about what kind of filters you consciously are choosing to put on as a Christian. And that’s exactly why the ‘disciple’ filter matters so much.

The disciple filter arises out of your conscious decision to respond to how Jesus gives you what you absolutely need but can never get on your own. First, it’s a filter of grace. You don’t have to do anything to earn Jesus’ love because it’s just who Jesus is and what Jesus does.

Second, it’s a filter of new beginnings. You can stop the destructive things you’re doing to yourself, others and God, and experience healing and new life.

Third, it’s a filter of hope. You can live boldly and confidently because you know that nothing that happens in life or in death can ever separate you from God’s love in Jesus Christ.

So what do you experience when you choose to spend your life wearing the disciple filter? A life of grace, compassion, passion, self-giving, new life, joy and hope—even when that doesn’t seem possible to those around you.

Grace and peace,

Gary E. Mueller